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What's Included in an ABI General Building Inspection (GBI)?

With 43 years and over 20,000 buildings under our belt, we at ABI feel comfortable calling our building inspection process a science. Our pre-purchase GBIs run between 3 and 6+ hours, depending on the size, age, condition, and quality of the building and property. We use this time to check and assess over 350 building systems and components. Immediately following the inspection, our inspectors sit down with you to go over our areas of concern, and to give you the opportunity to ask questions about our findings in person. Following the inspection, and based on an agreed-upon timeline, our team will issue a detailed narrative report through your selected choice of delivery (emailed PDF and/or bound print-out on ABI letterhead). 

Building systems and components included in our evaluations:

● Site/Yard Areas 

● Roof and Roof Drainage

● Building Exterior and Storm Drainage

● Basement/Foundation/Crawl Space

● Mechanical and Electrical

● Plumbing 

● Building Interior

● Building Structure

● Building Rot and Wood Destroying Insects

● Building Safety

The inspection  also typically includes a Registered Inspector’s assessment and/or calculations and measurements of: site and storm drainage; roof slope; roof ventilation; building insulation; and pedestrian and fire safety components. 


ABI general building inspection reports run anywhere from 40 to 80+ pages, depending on the size, age, condition and quality of the building and property.  The reports are clear, coherent, and worded for all audiences - non-technical and technical alike. Reports both detail our findings (descriptions of components’ type, quality, existing and foreseeable defects, remaining serviceable lives) and, where problems are found, indicate their severity and possible effects on related components. Our building inspectors also provide corrective, improvement, and/or maintenance suggestions and, for an additional charge, we will include a complete, separate listing of priorities and cost estimates for care and correction.

Though none are covered exhaustively in the scope of our services, building codes, manufacturers’ instructions, industry standards, and, where applicable, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) specifications serve as the bases for our inspections and are referred to throughout our written reports.

As a whole, ABI's pre-purchase building inspection report will serve not only as a one-time property evaluation, but also as an in-depth, hand-tailored manual that will remain a valuable guide to maintaining your home.