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A property, be it a home, a condominium, an apartment complex, or a commercial building, is a huge investment. At ABI, we consider the pre-purchase building inspection an opportunity for you to get to know a residential or commercial building before you commit to it. Our primary role in this journey is to provide you with as much information as possible about the building so you can make wise and informed decisions about its purchase and care. 


ABI is an independent and unbiased home inspection company for premium home and commercial building buyers who want a more comprehensive look into the anatomy of the property they are purchasing. ABI combines a registered architect's training and 40+ years of experience in the inspection, architecture and construction industry to provide unparalleled on-site building evaluations, and written reports that both help clients make good decisions about their purchase, and serve as property owner's manuals in the years to come.

ABI also offers expert witness services for personal injury and construction defect cases. Working with both plaintiff and defense attorneys ABI contributes superior technical skills and a deep knowledge of building technology and codes kept sharp and current through continued work in the field. 


Though many parties may be involved with a single real estate transaction, not all of them will share your goals and objectives for the property. Contractors may have one agenda, the seller of the home another, and the real estate agent a third. When you hire a professional building inspector, you expect him or her to look out for your interests alone and deliver an accurate and objective evaluation of the property. However, when faced with pressure from so many different  sides, it is not uncommon for inspectors to misjudge or overlook important points about the property.

Having been fortunate enough to get involved with the building inspection business when it began, ABI has always been able to adhere to a strict moral and ethical code. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a property's purchase or sale, our inspections and reports are always independent and unbiased. This is why over 90% of our business is generated through referrals from past clients, attorneys, and other professionals who know that ABI's only interests in the purchase of a client's building are the client's own. 



Stan Mitchell, Founder/President, MArch, AIA, ASHI ACI, ICBO

Registered Architect Stan Mitchell pioneered the building inspection industry on the West Coast and, as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), helped to establish a number of the practice standards for the building inspection industry in the United States. In 1976 Stan founded Architectural Building Inspection, Inc., and as its President has personally evaluated over 15,000 residential and commercial buildings in the state of Washington, as well as other areas in United States. In his 43 years at ABI Stan has amassed a near-encyclopedic knowledge of building technology, which he pairs with an unwavering work ethic and a genuine love of what he does. Stan has a master's degree in architecture at University of Washington, and has completed multiple certificates of architectural design at Harvard University and other institutions of learning.


Erin Williams, General Manager

Erin has been with ABI since 2004. With a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in Writing & Publishing, she is responsible for copy-editing inspection and litigation reports, as well as creating ABI mailers and coordinating marketing efforts. She also works full-time as a web content writer, but believes ABI sets the standard for small business integrity, technical skill, and generosity, and values the continued opportunity to be part of the ABI team.


 Howard (Chip) Handewith, Senior Technical Inspector

Chip has over 30 years of experience managing and maintaining two premium residential properties in The Highlands (Greater Seattle), as well as consulting and inspection of over 50 other high-end and complex buildings. Chip possesses an associate degree in basic engineering and he has developed expertise in building envelope & mechanical systems. He believes that honesty and diligence are the bedrock of  trust and trustworthiness. 


 Brennan Kuhn, Associate Inspector

As an Associate Inspector, Brennan assists ABI with building inspection and litigation services. Having been involved with ABI for several years, he is motivated by the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and functionality not only as indicators of successful design, but as keys to success in business as well. Brennan earned his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design in 2017, and is currently a Master of Architecture candidate at the University of Washington.