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That a set of stairs has shortcomings sometimes becomes clear only after we've fallen head over heels.  (And even then, it may be hard to figure out exactly what went wrong.) Other times, the shortcomings are obvious, but we think that if we're really careful, we can avoid them.  Missing handrails, non-compliant step dimensions, insufficient tread depth, excessive openings between risers, inadequate lighting--all speckle various public and private stairwells and all can lead the unsuspecting stair user to injury. That's where ABI steps in. 

Registered Architect and ABI President Stan Mitchell has spent the past 29 years providing building inspection, consultation, and expert witness testimony services.  He has personally inspected and consulted on over 15,000 residential and commercial buildings and testified in more than 300 court cases nationwide. Working with buyers, owners, plaintiffs, and defendants, Stan has honed his ability to identify, assess, and thoroughly report on the nature and adequacy of hundreds of property components--from steps to siding, fire provisions to leakage provisions, and paving to grading.

Stan's expertise encompasses the following areas:

● Personal injuries involving falls

● Building construction, remodeling, and rehabbing advising

● Defect disclosure issues in the real estate purchase/selling process

● Code issues

● Building/construction failure issues

● Technical problems with homes and buildings

For further information about Stan Mitchell's expert inspection, architectural, or construction consultation services, contact ABI at (206) 522-8077 or info@abi-bldg-insp.com.  To view Stan Mitchell's resumé, follow the link below.

Stan Mitchell's Resume

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