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Architectural Building Inspection, Inc.'s Services:

Ÿ      Pre-Purchase Building Inspections: We call it the General Building Inspection; it includes a 2 to 4 hour on-site inspection of over 300 building components and systems, a 30 to 60 minute verbal report, and a 30 to 60 page written narrative describing our findings. General Building Inspections are available for:


                  -Residential Buildings


                  -Commercial Buildings


                  -New Construction


Ÿ      Expert Witness Testimony: ABI President Stan Mitchell is available to consult on an array of litigation cases, including personal injuries involving falls, construction defect and code issues, and defect disclosure issues in the real estate purchase/selling process.


●    Owner's Representative: Whether you are remodeling/rehabbing your home or building one from scratch, ABI is available to oversee the process with your best interests in mind. As an unbiased intermediary, we work with both you and your contractors to minimize construction time and costs by reducing confusion.


Ÿ       Troubleshooting Building Problems: Basement filled with water? Roof sprung a leak? Hot tub pump acting up again? Through non-destructive testing, ABI diagnoses and writes prescriptions for a variety of pesky building problems.


Ÿ       Apartment/Condominium Conversion Inspections


Ÿ       Accessory Dwelling Unit/Cottage Design and Construction


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Last Updated: 5/24/05