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Architectural Building Inspection, Inc.'s Pricing:

ABI's Fee Structure

ABI's services are charged at an hourly rate.

Why are ABI's inspection fees higher than other inspection agencies'?

The purpose of a building inspection is to provide you, the prospective buyer, with as much information about the propertyís makeup and condition as possible so that you can make educated decisions about its purchase and subsequent care.  Lower priced inspections, however, tend either to miss or omit important building details that, in the future, may manifest themselves as major defects in need of costly repairsórepairs that could have been significantly reduced or avoided entirely had related discrepancies and defects been spotted and reported in their early stages.  In a nutshell, the reason ABIís inspection fees are higher than others is that our inspections are more thorough, our reports more detailed and, in turn, the information we pass on to you about the property more comprehensive and valuable than that of the average, lower priced inspection.  

How much will my inspection cost?

If you call or email us, ABI will be happy to give you an estimate for the cost of your inspection. Please provide us with your building's location, year of construction, square footage, and selling price. Do keep in mind, though, that ABI's fees are based on the hours we spend inspecting the property and generating the inspection report. Thus, depending on the building's condition and the number of defects we find, estimates we provide before the inspection may be higher or lower than our final invoice.

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Last Updated: 5/24/05